Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Hockey Stick

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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Hockey Stick

Durability, performance and power. The Supreme 2S Pro stick is designed to give your hardest shot yet. You can now lean heavier into your shot without damaging the shaft of the stick thanks to the DuraFlex resin system. Overall stick weight has been reduced using Advanced Carbon Layering to improve performance without sacrificing durability. With Supreme 2S Pro it's time to start scoring at a completely different level!

  • Elite - Upgrades

Product Upgrades:

  • ACL blade technology;
  • DuraFlex resin system;
  • 8 gram weight reduction;
  • 4% wrist-shot and 5% slap-shot faster recoil;

Line Upgrades:

  • 70 flex added;
  • P92M curve added;
  • Updated geometry to 35 and 50 flex
Shot Technology-MPK; Extended Transfer Zone
Shaft Technology-TeXtreme; DuraFlex resin
Blade Technology-RenewCore; Advanced Carbon Layering; TeXtreme blade wrap; eLASTech resin
Construction-Monocomp technology

SR (60")
Flex: 102
Curve: P92, P88, P28, P92M

SR (60")
Flex: 87, 77, 70
Curve: PM9, P88, P92, P28, P14, P92M

INT (57")
Flex: 65, 55
Curve: PM9, P88, P92, P28, P14

JR (54")
Flex: 50
Curve: P88, P92, P28

JR (52")
Flex: 40
Curve: P88, P92, P28

YTH (46")
Flex: 35
Curve: P92

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