CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Hockey Stick

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CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Hockey Stick

The new Super Tacks AS1 stick pushes the boundaries of performance and is the NEW standard for power and control.

We identified the exact positioning of a softer flex zone and improved the transition to the stiff taper. This helps generate maximum power.

Super Tacks AS1 is lighter and more durable than its predecessor. Shooters can also lean into a shot with ease and confidence thanks to an optimized blade and taper.


  • KICK POINT -MAXIMUM LOADING MID KICK POINT A soft mid-section allows for a longer loading period which increases the energy stored, while the stiff taper maximizes stability.
  • SHAFT TECHNOLOGY -X-FLOW TECHNOLOGY An optimized molding technology which allows for better compaction of the fibers: increased durability and lighter weight.
  • BLADE -ACU3 BLADE A lighter but very stiff layup with a tactile surface for maximum shot control and reinforced toe and heel for unparalleled durability.
  • MATERIAL -SIGMATEX An exclusive spread tow fabric developed by one of the world's leaders in composite technology that is not only ultra-lightweight, but very strong, due to its high tension weaving process.
  • GEOMETRY -NEW INT GEOMETRY Designed with the help of Elite women's hockey players and a cross-section of youth players, rounded corners and concave sides help provide better control and comfort.
  • SR - 105 / 62" P28 / P29 / P30
  • SR - 95 / 62" P28 / P29 / P30 / P88
  • SR - 85 / 59" P28 / P29 / P30 / P88
  • SR - 75 / 59" P28 / P29 / P30 / P88
  • INT - 65 / 57" P28 / P29 / P30 / P88
  • INT - 55 / 55" P28 / P29 / P30 / P88
  • JR - 50 / 52" P28 / P29 / P30
  • JR - 40 / 49" P28 / P29 / P30

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