CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Senior Hockey Stick

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Today's hockey players need to be faster, stronger and more agile than ever. So do their hockey sticks. The CCM TACKS AS-V PRO mid-kickpoint design has been redone for today's game and provides an easy grip due to its V-shaped shaft geometry, explicitly designed by CCM's team of experts in engineering carbon fibres! With their combined work on this hockey stick, they have managed not only to create a massive balance between durability and responsiveness but also something incredibly comfortable while loading up your wrist shot power-because, let's be honest here: who can afford not to have speed?

  • Modern Mid Kickpoint - Still using a softer mid-section to ensure maximum
    energy storage when loading the stick, our new
    modern mid kickpoint has now been optimized for
    wrist shots, providing aggressive shooters with even
    more puck speed and consistency than before
  • Skeleton + taper technology - Manufacturing technology found in
    the taper area which provides better
    reliability in key moments of the game
  • Nanolite carbon layering - High-performance carbon layering
    technology which creates a stick that's
    both incredibly light and incredibly strong
  • Variable "V" shaft geometry - New shaft geometry allows for an
    easier and consistent loading of the
    stick to help increase wrist shot power.
    Its shape transition along the shaft
    ensures maximum comfort and grip
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