Comp-o-stik™ Hockey Grip Tape

Comp-o-stik™ cohesive soft grip is product that is gaining acceptance all the time. While most players still use traditional white, black or colored cloth tape to make the grip on their stick others have found great benefit in using a soft grip tape. The soft grip tape is very light-weight and conformable. This allows a player to build a very soft grip that conforms to their hand around the stick providing excellent stick control. Some of the key characteristics of Comp-o-stik™ cohesive soft grip tape are.
  • A cloth backing combined with elastic for a thick, soft feel
  • A special cohesive system that adheres to itself, not to your gloves

    What it means to you the hockey player

    For ultimate performance hockey players need products that help them tailor their equipment and particularly their stick to suit their game. Comp-o-stik™ cohesive soft grip tape allows you the ultimate flexibility in creating a custom grip that fits your hand perfectly. The non-adhesive coating sticks to itself to maintain the shape of your grip but doesn't stick to your glove so you can release the grip and change hand positions without delay.
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